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Hyundai Reviews

Chung Ju-Yung founded the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company in 1947,and became very big very quickly - but it wasn't until 1967 that the company built its first car, the Cortina. From these humble beginnings of building other people's cars, Hyundai became hungry to build its own. It hired former Austin-Morris Managing Director George Turnbull head-up a team that included Kenneth Barnett body design, engineers John Simpson and Edward Chapman, John Crosthwaite ex-BRM as chassis engineer and Peter Slater as chief development engineer. Their plan was to design and build the Pony - Hyundai's first car.

It was introduced in 1975, sporting Giugiaro styling and Mitsubishi powertrains, and owing a great deal in terms of its technical make-up to the Morris Marina, a car that Turnbull oversaw. Throughout the 1970s, Hyundai expanded and commenced exports to Europe. Follow-up products included the 1983 Stellar and the 1988 Sonata. In 1985, the company built its millionth car. Each subsequent model was closer in ability to its European rival, feeding the company's constant expansion into the powerhouse that it is today...

Good: Cheap and simple, rugged and reliable, unloved so still cheap to buy, if you can find one
Bad: Built for ruggedness, not dynamic finesse, rust and apathy have killed most
Good: A generally reliable, robust car.
Bad: Looks ugly. Feels cheap inside. Engines are underwhelming, especially from August 1992 onwards.
Good: Turbo version is reasonably brisk. All are reliable with proper servicing. Inexpensive but few survive.
Bad: Bland to look at, dull to drive.
Good: Rugged, simple, Cortina-based cars powered by reliable Mitsubishi engines
Bad: Nowadays, most people would prefer the British original...
Good: Very reliable and cheap.
Bad: Anodyne to look at and to drive. Problems obtaining spares.