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Daimler Reviews

Daimler dates right back to the dawn of the motor car. It was founded in 1897 after obtaining a licence to use Gottlieb Daimler’s name, although the products bore no direct relationship to the German ones. Royal patronage
gave its early models an enviable reputation, with the marque specialising in luxury machines.

It merged with BSA in 1910, leading to some imposing machines when Sir Bernard and Lady Docker were in overall charge of the company. However, after WW2, Daimler found itself struggling and was taken over by rival company Jaguar in 1960. While some individuality was retained for a while, eventually the Daimler name became little more than a trim level to distinguish topflight Jaguars, with only the DS420 limousine flying the flag for the marque's individuality.

Good: Dignified styling with real road presence, new 3.0-litre engine was lusty and refined
Bad: Heavy handling, and tough to find Regency-specific parts
Good: Excellent performance and road manners
Bad: Visually challenging
Good: Roomy, luxurious, reasonably potent and good to drive
Bad: Stolid image, lives in the shadow of more glamorous alternatives from Bentley or Jaguar
Good: A fine mixture of Jaguar Mk2 styling and dynamics; and Daimler's magnificent new V8 engine
Bad: Market values lag behind the Jaguar which make restoration less economically viable
Good: Ted Turner's V8 combined with the Majestic body - what's not to like?
Bad: Fuel consumption and obscurity
Good: Charismatic (challenging) styling, great V8, excellent handling, and a brilliant exhaust note
Bad: Glass fibre body can be difficult to make perfect, and hides many corrosion problems underneath
Good: Useful revisions to the Mk2 theme, especially with the Daimler Sovereign's additional power.
Bad: Later cost-cut interiors and less-than-lovely Ambla trim
Good: Sleek styling, and an oh-so English image. Superbly comfortable ride, and effortless performance.
Bad: Expensive to restore in relation to values, complex to fix, and hardly economical in V12 form, suspension set-up could break the odd bush here or there without the driver feeling a thing.
Good: Room to relax
Bad: Might be difficult to park