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Classic Mini ‘reborn’ for modern day driving

Published 06 April 2017

A British coachbuilder is launching a revised version of the classic Mini that promises to keep all of its charm but is better suited for modern day motoring.

Silverstone-based David Brown will take a classic Mini and turn it into a modern city car, softening its classic lines, improving the engine, and adding in a host modern conveniences like keyless entry, Apple CarPlay… and a cup holder.

The car will be built from the ground using new body panels and strengthening the bodyshell. Each car will also be soundproofed to improve passenger comfort.

New design features include custom-built aluminium grilles and a full LED exterior rear light cluster. Each car will have handcrafted enamel David Brown Automotive badges and modern detail touches such as puddle lights fitted to each classic bullet-style wing mirror.

Mini Remastered (2)

Standard equipment includes a built-in infotainment and navigation system, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a four-speaker sound system, keyless-go, USB connectivity and charging, as well as push-button start and remote central locking.

Inside, there will be sculpted seats with a hand-trimmed interior of British-sourced hides and a combination of paint, leather and fabric finishes to the dash. There will also be lots of classic touches, like retro Smiths dials, a Moto-Lita steering wheel with enhanced driving position, and cup holder in the centre console.

Under the bonnet, the original A-series 1275cc engine will be rebuilt with 50% more power and mated to a reconditioned four-speed gearbox. Ride improvements come from upgraded suspension and brakes.

Each car takes about 1000 man hours to build – although prices have yet to be announced, expect it to cost upwards of £70,000.

Mini Remastered (3)

Company founder David Brown said the new model offered modern comfort and luxury while remaining true to the original.

He said, ‘It’s been important to remain true to Alec Issigonis’ wonderful original concept, yet bring it into the 21st Century in our own way’

Brown added, ‘The car will have all of the style and feel of a classic with modern dynamics. We’ve built this car to sit alongside any classic or modern collector’s garage and I can see this being a fantastic city car, too.’


Stee    on 14 April 2017

Well, well !

It certainly DOES NOT keep to the original Mini's concept of being cheap to buy -- a car suitable for just about anyone of medium stature or a first car for the youngster who has just passed their driving test and needs a car that is relatively cheap to insure !

This car will not be for the average Joe at a price like that and it could even be a lot more expensive than a Merc or BMW or Audi !!

I would call this treachery to the original Mini and a plaything only for the Rich !

To me, the price is extremely disappointing and out of reach to all those ordinary people who might have been able to afford the original !

MarkSw    on 28 April 2017

Hmm! "the original A-series 1275cc engine will be rebuilt with 50% more power and mated to a reconditioned four-speed gearbox". Is this wise? Won't the uprated engine overload the original-spec reconditioned gearbox?

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