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New website provides free MoT history check

Published 06 November 2015

A new website allows you to check the MoT history of any vehicle for free. All drivers have to do is enter the make and registration number of a car into the MoT History Government website.

Then, they’ll be able to see the MoT status of a vehicle and – in some cases – its mileage. The MoT History site also gives details of previous tests, so you can see whether a car passed or failed. 

You can even see what advisories were picked up at previous tests, such as a leaky exhaust, perished tyres, failed lights etc etc.

It's a great way to check the history of a car before your buy - just in case a seller hasn't been completely honest. Of course, there's no substitute for inspecting a vehicle in the metal.

As well as providing a valuable history check, MoT History is also a great way of seeing if your old cars are on the road.

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