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Neo Classics set for Stuttgart show

Published 15 January 2019

Neo Classics will be one of the main focal points at this year's Retro Classics show in Stuttgart. The term is used by the show to describe high-value modern classics or 'young timers' - rather than a car that's been modified to resemble 1920s and 1930s

'With this emphasis, we are taking account of a trend which has been noticeable for several years,' said show organiser said Karl Ulrich Herrmann.

'The historic and classic car scene is changing. The interest in nostalgia and the enthusiasm for historic technology are now accompanied by an entirely new driving pleasure which is attributable to a young generation of collectors, but also of vehicles.

'Unlike some venerable models from the period before the Second World War, a sports car from the 1970s is a modern and fully roadworthy vehicle which is regarded by its owner as both a collector's item and an expression of a lifestyle. This also explains the growing demand for exquisite new vehicles.'

Retro Classics Stuttgart


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