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Smart fans head to Beaulieu

Published 15 October 2014

Keen fans of Smart cars will be making their way to the National Motor Museum in Hampshire next month.

The fourth annual Simply Smart day takes place at Beaulieu on Sunday, November 9 – and owners of all Smarts are welcome. Expect to see examples of the original coupe/Fortwo, the Roadster, the family-focussed Forfour and the limited edition roofless Crossblade.

Charlotte Mountain, events co-ordinator, says, ‘Simply Smart always features an eclectic mix of different Smart cars in a fantastic range of colours. It proves what a huge following these small cars have.’

Enthusiasts will be able to vote for their favourite Smart in the ‘People’s Choice Award’ with the winner crowned in the afternoon before leading a cavalcade through the parkland.

Turn up on the day in your Smart car and a ticket will set you back £10 per adult and £5 per child. To book in advance visit or call 01590 612888. Gates open at 9.30am.


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