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Classic Advert: BL Bonus

Published 27 January 2015

With BL’s biggest news of 1980 being the launch of the crucial new Metro, it was left to The Two Ronnies (Barker and Corbett) to promote some of the more aged models in the range early the following year.

In this classic ad, Ronnie Corbett plays a cycle-riding tax inspector paying a visit to Barker and questioning how he can afford to run four brand new cars. The answer? “The BL Double Bonus, old boy.”  It meant anyone could “save a bundle” on the latest Mini, the ’81 Allegro, the Ital and the Princess.  

Throughout it all was a spattering of Two Ronnies humour, with Corbett asking, 'Can I look over your new Ital', to which Barker quips: 'Not without a ladder.'

Ah, don’t you just love it when comedians get embroiled in selling cars? Okay, maybe it’s just us…



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