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Classic advert of the week: Austin-Morris 1300

Published 16 December 2014

Right, who fancies a dirty weekend? No, not that sort. We're talking about the kind of weekend where you get away from it all, heading for the countryside safe in the knowledge your vehicle of choice will get you through whatever tough terrain you come across.

Nowadays you’d no doubt choose a 4x4 of some description. But back in 1970, British Leyland reckoned that all you needed was one of its front-wheel drive 1300 models. This advert cheekily described the Austin-Morris 1300 as ‘The perfect car for a dirty weekend’, simply because it offered extra rough-stuff ability compared with one of its rear-drive rivals.

‘The fact is, lots of people are put off going out in bad weather because they’re just not sure how their cars are going to handle,’ suggested the advertising copywriters. ‘Not so for the driver of the Austin-Morris 1300. He’s confident. Confident that front-wheel drive will “pull” him out of trouble while others are just being “pushed” into it.’ 

The advert summed it all up by suggesting you waited for some bad weather before trying the 1300 for yourself, ‘Take one out on the next dirty weekend. For a test drive.’

Classic Ad (Austin -Morris 1300)


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