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The Liver Run remembered

Published 13 August 2013

I've seen this before on TV - the famous Liver Run, where two Rover SD1 police cars need to transfer a live human organ for transportation in a very limited amount of time.

The journey takes place on 8 May 1987, and starts at Stansted Airport in Essex, and the traffic officer needs to drive the liver along some of the UK's busiest roads in the centre of London, to Cromwell Hospital, Kensington. It's an amazing video that shows that traffic officers truly earn their money at times, and that the Rover SD1 could really cut-it in 1980s traffic.

It's also quite interesting to see how the scenery has changed in the intervening years, though - and you'll spot some lovely cars in the background, assuming you're not transfixed by the SD1 doing its bit...

Enjoy the video as it's replayed on ITV's Police, Camera, Action. It's truly hair-raising stuff.  



Cappuccino Break    on 30 November 2015

An amazing piece of footage.

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