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Welcome to Honest John Classics

Published 08 April 2013

Welcome to Honest John Classics. It's been months in the making, with much midnight oil burned along the way, but there's still a lot left to do. We've created a uniquely-featured reviews- and advice-based classic car website, and are confident that as you get more involved, it will become as valuable resource to historic car enthusiasts as the original site is.

Adding to the growing portfolio of Honest John sites, Classics joins the original hugely successful original, as well as Vans, and the Good Garage Guide. At launch, we have a reviews section, which has information on all of the major classic cars, as well as a few you might not heard of. We'll be growing this section - and just as we do on, we'll be hoping to benefit from your experiences along the way. You can ask your questions through the website - and we'll continue to respond to every one submitted - or email me with any specific questions, submissions, queries or - most importantly - omissions on

Alongside the reviews section, day one sees the site launched with a number of exciting features. You can browse classics for sale, or check out the survival rates of your favourite cars using DVLA data presented in a simple, clear to read form. And in the news section, we'll be covering all the latest events, auctions, and industry stories. Core to the appeal of classic cars is actually getting out and driving them, so expect lots of events coverage - there's nothing like putting money where your mouth is and covering miles in your classic.

We have some very exciting developments for the future weeks and months, which will add to the usefulness of Honest John Classics, but for now - welcome aboard, and I look forward to having you join in.

Keith Adams,
Editor, Honest John Classics


AJJ    on 9 April 2013

What a great idea!

kadams1970    on 9 April 2013

Cheers. Send in any ideas or comments - always good to hear from you :)

The Wolseley Man    on 9 April 2013

Great news and thanks for all your hard work. I guess the next project will be the 30's and 40's - or is that just my old Wolseley Man wishful thinking?

kadams1970    on 9 April 2013

Well, this is a start - and the good thing about websites is that they can be expanded to meet demand :)

Dave Dawson    on 9 April 2013

Hallo Keith,
It's getting late & I've loads to do before bed. However, as with most nights I found some time for AROnline and learning of Honest John Classics I just had to visit! I'll start with 'How Many Survived?'......

406V6    on 10 April 2013

There’s a place for a site like this. Classic cars are increasingly popular. First impressions are good with a picture of an MGB and ads for classic car parts & insurance. Content is king, though and a classic car site needs to feature, er, classic cars. Looking around shows a few irrelevant
stories (seemingly not ads) which need the axe – “First pictures of the
Maserati Ghibli”, “CV Show 2013: Citroen shows electric Berlingo”, “CV Show 2013: Ford reveals Transit Courier”. There are plenty of other sites which cover this sort of thing.

kadams1970    on 10 April 2013

I'll get that sorted today. They're cross-linked from the main site, and we don't need them to be here.

Frankie    on 10 April 2013

Looking forwards to seeing how this shapes up...I’m going to enjoy this site I think, Keith :)

Peter    on 10 April 2013

Peter Never get tired of looking at clssic cars and reading about them. This is certainly a site I shall be frequenting.

Andrew    on 11 April 2013

Honest John is now the best car website ever!! :DDD

Dr.R    on 11 April 2013

Very cool indeed. Keep it up John ...

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