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Thursday want: £600 Rover V8-S

Published 25 April 2013

3: Rover V8-S
Here's an SD1 with a difference - it's been with the same owner for the past 32 years, and has racked up a mega-mileage in the process. And now it's ready to roll for £600.

This is a Rover SD1 that proves these cars are capable of huge mileages when properly mantained. It's covered 314,000 miles, and is still running on its original engine (with a top-end overhaul 40,000 miles ago), manual gearbox, propshaft and rear axle.

Being a V8-S, it's fitted with several improvements over the original 1976 Rover 3500. It featured air conditioning developed for the short-lived American market version, and uprated interior trim. The V8-S also received natty gold-painted alloys, standing it apart from its lesser siblings. This one's MoT'd until August, and the seller's being honest about its chances, saying, 'advised that under-body rust must receive attention.'

He added: 'The car has only done just over 1000 miles since its MoT. The bodywork is the original except for outer sills, which have had various additional welded repairs. I have treated body rust spots where necessary but have never re-sprayed. Corroded areas I have identified underneath on the offside and front have only been cleaned up, Waxoyl applied, covered over with varied materials and painted with grey primer. These obviously need a thorough examination and further attention. Sun roof poor and cannot be fully opened now. The bronze needle-cord upholstery and carpet are the original but in a sad condition. For most of its life the car has been parked overnight on an open driveway.'

Other bits to fix are the engine fan's viscous coupling, the electric aerial, and its headlamp wash/wipe. All things considered, that's an impressive testament to the SD1's inherant longevity in the right hands. Let's hope it finds the right buyer, and it continues to pile on the miles. Let us know if it's you...

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Wally Booher    on 11 March 2021

I have had three of the SD1 cars I have loved every one, my current car is a1980 5 speed that I just picked up so far I love the car and I will cherish it for as long as I own it about the only thing I will do is repaint it, it’s a god awful lime green color I am going to paint it a BRG metallic it’s got a coffee brown interior in beautiful shape and a functional sunroof.

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