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Historics 7th July Brooklands Auction Provisional Results

Published 07 July 2018

Historics 7th July Brooklands Auction Provisional Results


First Provisional Results from Historics Classic Car Auction at Brooklands Museum on Saturday 7th July.

(Updated 9-7-2018)

In Lot Order. Provisionals (p) and not sold (n/s) shown as top bid. Cars sold (s) plussed up by 19% auction commission plus 20% VAT on the commission. There will be a few mistakes and, of course, most lots that did not sell on the day will probably sell by negotoation tomorrow.


101-2011-Piaggio Vespa scooter: £7,280s

102-1977-Triumph Silver Jubilee: £4,144s

103-1976-Suzuki AP 50: £5,264s

104-1973-Triumph Bonneville 750: £4,867s

105-1954-Tribsa 500: £5,200 n/s

106- -Triumph Daytona Rickman Metisse: £3,800 n/s

107-1978-Harley Davidson Iron Head: £4,300 n/s

108-1961-Greenes Trials 250: £2,500 n/s

109-1986-Kawasaki GPZ 900R: £2,352s

110-1960-Matchless G12: £3,800 n/s

111-1960-Royal Enfield Crusader Sports: £3,248s

112-1963-Triumph Thunderbird 6T: £5,600 n/s

FIAT 500 Topolino 1950 Historics (1)

113-1950-FIAT 500 Topolino: £7,018s

114-1958-Vespa 400: £11,750 n/s

115-2002-Mercedes-Benz CL 500: £2,377s

116-1996-Mini Cooper LE: £4,928s

117-1993-Jaguar XJS Convertible: £5,886s

118-1998-Ford Escort RS Turbo LHD: £7,056s

119-2002-Jaguar XJR 100: £7,952s

120-1996-Mercedes-Benz E220 Coupe £1,471s

120A-1988-Nissan President Sovereign V8: £3,136s

121-1961-Sunbeam Alpine: £10,752s

122-1991-Land Rover Defender 90: £10,000 n/s

123-1990-Ford Escort XR3i 30k/w: £9,632s

Austin 1300GT 1973 Historics

124-1973-Austin 1300 GT (huge interest): £8,400s

125-1967-Morris Mini Cooper Mk 1: £20,000s

Jaguar XJ8 3.2 2002 Historics (1)

126-2002-Jaguar XJ8 3.2 £11,200s

Re-imported from Japan, this immaculate white X308 XJ has covered only 32,000 miles and if probably one of the best X308s to survive. Lovely.

127-1982-Land Rover Range Rover Classic: £9,700 n/s

128-2001-Rover Mini Seven: £7,504s

129-1983-Renault 5TX Convertible: £7,100p

130-1998-Jaguar XJ8 3.2: £1,120s

131-1996-Mercedes-Benz E320 Sportline cabrio: £15,456

132-1969-Rover P5B (10,420 miles): £15,500 n/s

133-1994-Porsche 911/993 Coupé Tiptronic Cat C: £22,640s

134-1971-Citroen SM: £33,000s

135-1970-Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I: £5,264s

Chevrolet Camaro SS350 1967 F34 Historics

136-1967-Chevrolet Camaro SS350 manual: £38,148s

A stunning, ’67 SS350 4-speed manual, assembles at GM’s plant in Antwerp and immediately grabbed by a GM executive who had the engine blueprinted, then used it as his personal car. Presented as a tribute to Smokey Yunick in his race colours of black and gold.

137-1983-Ferrari 308 GTS QV: £29,500 n/s

138-2010-Porsche 911/997 Turbo Gen 2: £59,920s

139-1967-Jaguar E-Type Series I 2+2: £56,500 n/s

140-1923-Durant Runabout Star Tourer: £14,800 n/s

140A-1996-BMW 540i Alpina B10 V8S 4.8: £4,088s

141-2004-Aston Martin DB9 Coupé: £29,362s

142-1978-Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II: £10,080s

143-1981-Ferrari 400i automatic: £20,160s

144-1989-Mercedes-Benz SL 420: 30,520s

145-1970-Alfa Romeo Duetto 1300 Junior: £24,080s

146-2006-Jaguar XKR 4.2 Convertible 46k/w: £17,360s

147-1964-MG B Roadster: £14,500 n/s

148-1971-Rover P6 3500 V8 (10k miles warranted): £16,131s

149-1961-Austin Mini Seven: £9,520s

150-1997-Jaguar XK8 Convertible: £7,616s

151-2002-Smart Crossblade (2,200 miles): £11,999s

152-1967-Mini Cooper Mk. II: £11,760s

153-1990-Porsche 911/964 C2 LHD Tiptronic: £29,120s

154-2000-BMW Z3M Coupé: £21,500p

Audi TT 3.2 Quattro 1985 Historics (1)

155-2005-Audi TT Quattro: £3,472s

156-1967-Alvis TF Saloon automatic: £35,840s

157-1948-MG TC: £25,200s

158-1994-Bentley Continental R: £19,040s

159-1959-Lamborghini DLA 35 Tractor: £7,000p

160-1995-Audi S2 quattro: £7,600p

160A-1984-Lotus Esprit: £9,056s

161-1991-Jaguar XJS V12 Le Mans 44k/w: £27,168s

162-1984-Ford Capri Tickford: £29,000 n/s

163-1989-Lotus Esprit Turbo: £26,880s

164-1966-Ford Lotus Cortina: £46,000 n/s

165-1965-Mini Cooper S Mk. I 1,275cc: £32,000 n/s

166-1957-Ford Thunderbird with hardtop:£30,500 n/s

167-1951-Bentley Mk. VI Special 4.5 litres: £35,000 n/s

168-1965-Jaguar E-Type SI 4.2 roadster LHD: £48,000s

169-1998-Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution: £50,000 n/s

Alvis TD21 Cabrio 1961 Historics

170-1961-Alvis TD21 convertible manual: £124,320

171-1973-Aston Martin V8 Series II Banham con: £91,000p

172-1954-Chevrolet Corvette C1: £57,000 n/s

173-2004-Porsche 911/996 GT3 106k miles: £44,240s

174-1969-Morris Mini Cooper S Mk. II 1,275cc: £18,500 n/s

175-1984-Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Roadster: £17,472s

176-1958-Volkswagen Beetle con 1,641cc: £16,000 n/s

177-1987-Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 160k miles: £26,000 n/s

178-1972-Morris Mini 850:£4,256s

179-1998-BMW 750 IL V13 76k kilometres: £5,152s

Mini Radford De Ville LWB 1991 Historics

180-1991-Rover Mini Mk. II by Radford LWB LHD: £12,880s

181-1996-Mitsubishi FTO ‘Lightning McQueen’: £10,500p

182-1975-Lancia Fulvia 1.3s non runner: £5,264s

183-1978-Lotus Esprit SI: £41,500 n/s

184-1987-BMW 635 CSI auto: £14,000 n/s

185-1975-Volkswagen Beetle 1303 (1 owner): £6,500 n/s

186-1982-Mercedes-Benz SL 380: £13,750 n/s

187-2000-Morgan 4/4 Lowline 20k/w: £21,280s

188-1978-Lancia Beta Monte-Carlo: £12,452s

189-1992-Mercedes-Benz 300 SL: £15,500s

190-1963-Bentley SIII Saloon (one family owned): £34,720s

191-1957-Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider: £20,000 n/s

192-1977-Ferrari 208 GT4 Dino (2 litre V8): £31,920s

193-1966-Ford Lotus Cortina (reshelled): £28,500 n/s

194-1966-Realm Jaguar D-Type 3.4: £43,000 n/s

195-1958-Jensen 541 Deluxe: £31,000 n/s.

196-1972-Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 auto: £28,000 n/s

197-1966-Mercedes-Benz 230 SL manual: £45,000p

198-1967-Mercedes-Benz 190 SL barnfind: £42,000p

199-1972-Ford Escort Mexico Mk 1: £32,000 n/s

200-1961-Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Roadster: £88,000p

Ferrari 458 Italia 2012 Historics (1)

201-2013-Ferrari 458 Italia LHD: £126,560s

202-1965-Jaguar E-Type Series I 4.2 Coupé: £125,000p

203-1995-Audi RS2 154k miles: £20,000p

204-1998-Ferrari 550 Maranello: £52,000p

205-1981-Renault 5 Turbo Type I: £71,000p

206-2010-Jaguar XKR Convertible 5.0 49k miles: £27,440s

207-1969-Triumph TR6: £11,500 n/s

208-1990-Bentley Turbo R: £6,500 n/s

209-1976-Lancia Fulvia Series II 1.3S: £8,000p

210-1991-Aston Martin Virage (needing work): £20,376s

211-1995-Rover Mini Cooper 1.3 25k/w: £7,280s

212-1940-Ford pick-up hot rod: £46,000s

213-1965-Jaguar E-Type Series I Roadster 4.2 Litre: £79,520

214-2000-Rover Mini Cooper Sport supercharged: £11,760s

215-1989-Bentley Turbo R 30k miles 1 owner: £16,000 n/s

216-1957-Aston Martin DB 2/4 Mk. II: £147,000 n/s

217-2001-BMW Z3 3.0 litre 231hp 30k/w: £12,000s

218-1960-Porsche Junior 108 Tractor: £15,500p

219-1978-AC Cobra Dax replica 383ci: £27,440s

220-1961-Daimler SP 250 Dart: £25,760

221-1988-Jaguar XJS Convertible: £14,560s

222-1990-Porsche 944 Turbo: £23,000 n/s

223-1966-Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Roadster (withdrawn)

224-2000-Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante: £29,000 n/s

225-1983-Maserati Quattroporte: £21,000 n/s

226-1969-Jaguar E-Type Coupé 2+2 manual: £41,000 n/s

227-1990-Bentley Continental Convertible: £72,400s

228-1959-Jaguar XK150 DHC LHD: £75,000 n/s

229-1996-Porsche 911 Targa: £38,080

Bentley Arnage T 2004 Historics (1)

230-2004-Bentley Arnage T: £31,080s

231-1962-Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster: £76,000 n/s

232-1976-Porsche 911S cabrio: £42,500 n/s

233-2010-Bentley Mulsanne 40k/w: £64,960s

234-1986-Mercedes-Benz 500 SL: £16.240s

235-1980-Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II 5,700 miles: £43,000 n/s

236-2001-Porsche 996 Turbo 88k miles: £29,500 n/s

237-1997-Renault Sport Spider 12k miles: £23,520s

238-2002-Porsche Carrera 4 996 cabrio: £20,720s

239-1976-MGB Roadster: £5750p

240-1954-Jaguar Mk. VII manual (no brakes): £11,648s

241-1965-Mini Moke: £12,750s

242-1952-MG TD: £18,112s

243-2001-Range Rover 4.6 Holland and Holland: £10,000p

244-2003-Jaguar XKR Supercharged: £12,880s

245-1987-Jaguar Sovereign 2.9 13k miles: £5,660s

246-2001-Alfa Romeo 166 Saloon 3.0V6: £5,152s

247-1984-Mercedes-Benz W123 230E 28k/w: £9,520s

248-1963-Triumph TR4: £12,500p

249-1985-Audi quattro UR: £19,812s

250-1977-MGB GT (£54k spent): £19,000 n/s

251-2014-Land Rover Defender 90 Bowler: £27,000 n/s

252-1973-Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 roadster: £50,000s

253-1966-Alfa Romeo Sprint GT Veloce (withdrawn)

254-1970-Ford Mustang Mach I: £38,080s

255-1967-MG B Roadster: £8,200 n/s

256-1972-Fiat 500F: £9,520s

257-1991-Renault Alpine GTA V6 Le Mans: £33,600s

258-1989-Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster: £15,500p

259-1999-Porsche 911/996 C2 cabtio Tiptronic: £ 14,500s

Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 1999 Historics (1)

260-1999-Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 Twin Spark: £5,600s

261-1997-BMW Z3 2.8: £3,472s

Cobra 427 Contemporary Replica 1972 Historics

262-1972-Ford Cobra Contemporary Replic 427: £52,640s

263-1964-Triumph TR4 Roadster: £23,500s

264-1980-Mercedes-Benz 450 SL Roadster: £10,500 n/s

265-1979-Austin Mini Clubman: £5,600s

266-2001-Rover Mini Cooper: £7,500 n/s

267-1983-Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45: £10,500 n/s

268-1982-Land Rover Series III: £7,840s

269-1989-Jaguar XJS Convertible: £19,600s

270-1963-Lancia Flavia Coupe: £12,452s

271-1998-Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000: £2,800s

272-1996-Jaguar XJS Coupé 6 litre: £19,600ss

273-1976-Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow: (withdrawn)

274-1999-BMW Z3 M Coupé: £18,480s

275-2002-Ford Thunderbird: £10,000p.

276-1973-Triumph Stag: £13,444s

277-1998-Mercedes-Benz SL 320: £4,480s

278-1989-Lotus Esprit Turbo: £14,000 n/s

279-1958-Mercedes-Benz 190D Ponton: £5,200 n/s

280-2007-Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG: £11,424s

281-1973-Opel Manta 1.6 GT: £8,064s

282-1993-Mercedes-Benz W140 600 SEC: £5,936s

283-2002-Cadillac Eldorado convertible: £11,200s

284-2007-Smart Brabus Edition Red: £4,480s

285-1989-Panther Kallista: £7,280

286-1991-Bentley Turbo R: £8,000p

287-1971-Reliant Scimitar: £2,037s

288-1976-Lancia Fulvia: £8,960s


If interested in anything that did not immediately sell, please phone Historics on 01753 639170

Official auction results and cars still for sale.

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