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Restored Ford Prefect for sale at BCA

Published 13 October 2015

A restored 1960 Ford Prefect 107E is being offered for sale at BCA Blackbushe on Wednesday, 14 October.

According to the catalogue, the cream-finished Ford is said retain nearly all its original features and is ready to show at classic car events up and down the country. 

A spokesman said, 'Everything in the car is original, other than the carpets and leather upholstery, which were replaced to match the original red and grey factory specification in 1960.'

We understand the engine bay has also been completely refurbished and the car retains its original limited edition 105E engine.

Originally registered as 207JH, the car was sold to a Miss Palmer of Rustington who kept it until 1982.  The car was re-registered in Brighton in 1983 to its existing number 705 UYH.

The car was laid-up in the mid-1980s, and it was subsequently recommissioned in 2008. 


CalGirl    on 12 August 2019

In 1960 Pennsylvania, my parents responded to an add for one of these for sale....probably manufactured in the late 1950's---but same look, same specs.....and bought it for $50 as our first "second family car ever." The seller called it an "Anglican Ford." It was black, and just as cute as this one. Despite the small appearance, it was quite spacious inside, very simple, not a lot of space-consuming gizmos. Mom had to learn how to drive the 3-speed w/her left hand, & with the wheel on the "wrong side." But, we tootled around town in it and Mom drove it to her part-time job as a secretary at a paint store. They sold it when we had to move to another state, and reduce our baggage, so to speak. Lordy, wish I had this simple little, sweet-sized car back again.

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