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How classic aware are you?

Published 15 March 2015

A brand new campaign, called Classic Aware has been launched to promote the importance of having your vehicle inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Since November 2012, obligatory MoT tests have been scrapped for any vehicle registered prior to 1 January 1960.

When the forthcoming EU Roadworthiness Directive becomes active in 2018, a larger number of vehicles may be affected as the directive calls for 30-year-old (and older) vehicles with no substantial changes made to them, to be given some form of exemption from testing.

While it may not be a legal requirement to have a current MoT on a classic, the burden of responsibility falls onto the individual driving the vehicle at the time of any accident and/or offence.

The new campaign intends to encourage classic vehicle owners to take charge by refusing to rely solely on home-checks, but substitute the no-longer compulsory MoT with appropriate

The new movement has the enthusiastic support of TV presenter and classic car garage owner, Fuzz Townshend.

Fuzz said, ‘I am but one of the many voices rising from within the classic car world,’ said Fuzz.

‘Owner inspections might miss crucial clues that affect classic cars more deeply than modern cars (which have more automated safety systems in place); once compulsory testing is removed, there would be very little between the road and some 650,000 cars.

‘Statistically, the government talks about classic cars only being involved in 0.03% of road accidents, but any number of lives lost is significant, and it is only a matter of time before self-regulating, occasional checks take their toll.’

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Car Crusader    on 27 June 2020

My head says Fuzz is absolutely right but my heart says I really don't want to subject my classic to the ignorant MOT inspector again. Only once in the past 25 years has my self maintained car failed the MOT - the indicators were deemed not to be flashing rapidly enough to meet the (modern) standard.
At the last MOT I counted the inspector stall and struggle to restart my engine 13 times, he had no idea of how to drive a car with carburettors. Then he ripped off the roof guttering while getting out by reaching up and pulling on it to lever his fat torso out of the low driving position.
I really don't want to subject my car to this ignorance again if I can help it..

Stuart Mumby    on 29 July 2020

Perhaps Car Crusader should select his MOT station more carefully. If he went to some back street £25 a throw establishment then he deserves all he gets. There are plenty of classic car friendly MOT stations around. A call/visit to a reputable classic car dealer will recommend a suitable local MOT testing station. I happily part with £45 per annum to have my MGA professionally tested by the Triumph TR6 owning proprietor of my local independent garage.

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