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Will the BMW Z3 become a classic?

Do you think the 2.0-litre, six-cylinder BMW Z3 will become a classic? I have 2000 Z3 with 76,000 miles on it. It needs some work and I'd like to evaluate whether it's worth investing in it if it has the potential to become a classic car.

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BMW Z3 are starting to come through as a modern classic. Obviously, the larger engined model attracts most of the attention - but I'm sure this will filter down to the 2.0-litre eventually. To evaluate whether or not your example is worth investing in, do a full inspection of the car. You mentioned it needs work doing now, but what else does it need? Has it had new shocks and springs? Is it getting to the point where the suspension needs a refresh? Are there any bodywork issues? Does it need welding? Be brutal. If you can't, take it to a trusted garage that can assess it in the cold light of day (and give the underneath a once over as well). Always overestimate how much it will cost to fix. Once you have a figure, compare that with the market value of the car. Then ask yourself how much the Z3 means to you. Do you love it? If you do (and you have the funds) then hang on to it an enjoy it. Prioritise that list. Do the important things first, and schedule the rest of the jobs in at a later date. If your Z3 makes you happy, try not to worry about it too much as an investment - just make the most of it.
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