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Is the BMW i8 set to become a modern classic or a depreciating misfit?

I'm quite keen on purchasing an early BMW i8 now that values seem to have plummeted to affordable used levels. But with BMW discontinuing this car in April 2020, are used values likely to strengthen (or increase), or might they continue dropping into obscurity?

Asked on 10 January 2020 by martin tonbridge

Answered by Keith Moody
Go drive one and see how it makes you feel. If you like it - and if you can afford it - then buy it. The i8 is a genuinely good car and one we can see becoming a future a classic - but who knows what might happen. When a car goes off sale, it's depreciation journey normally continues - but with its M1-inspired looks, high price tag, and limited production numbers then the chances are values could stabilise and start to pick up. Like any asset, you'll need to look after it so budget accordingly. And this technology is still relatively new, so be prepared for some head-scratching electro-mechanical issues that need solving.
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