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How much is my 1994 Ford Mondeo worth?

How much is my 1994 Ford Mondeo Mk1 worth?

Asked on 19 December 2017 by derek stiles

Answered by Keith Moody
Mondeo prices are mixed at the moment. While very early ones are starting to get traction as an up and coming classic, it's still possible to pick up (very) good examples for £500. It might be worth trawling the classifieds to see if anyone has sold a car in similar spec and condition to yours. We can never give you a valuation for a specific car as it depends on what kind of condition it's on, the mileage, service history etc etc. If it's in excellent condition (and you're in no rush), you could probably ask £1050 for it - but you may have to settle for £750. This Mondeo was in superb condition and was up for £1500 (
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