Ford Mondeo (1993 – 1996) Review

Ford Mondeo (1993 – 1996) At A Glance


+Very highly rated all-rounder when new and still impressive today, cheap to buy, V6 models are a hidden gem and a proper Q-ship

-Limited storage for odds and ends, four-speed autos are short-lived, a new clutch is usually more than the car is worth, many now scrapped

The Ford Mondeo was a hugely important landmark in its maker's hostory. Of course, it's retrospectively viewed as inoffensively styled, which was a lingering consequence of the Sierra's avantgarde aerodynamics of a decade previous. Because that car sold slowly from launch, and buyers took years to grow into it. And as manufacturer used to building number one sellers, this would never do.

But while the Sierra floundered during the mid-1980s, the Escort and Fiesta took up the strain, with the former becoming the UK's best seller. Problem was that when these two cars were replaced, in 1989 and 1990, their inoffensive styling also underpinned cost-constrained engineering… and they were panned in the media for being sub-standard, the 1990 Escort especially so. Sales held up, of course in the UK, but this victory for the accountants had serious repercussions on European sales where Ford lost ground.

The 1993 Mondeo was the answer to the poor performing Escort and Fiesta. Whereas these cars were poor to drive and powered by archaic carry-over drivetrains, Ford ensured that the Mondeo boasted state-of-the-art double overhead-cam engines and class-leading suspension set-ups. Being new from the ground up, the Mondeo was expensive to develop, costing the company a cool $4bn, and every aspect of it was honed to the nth degree.

Marketing was massive – Jackie Stewart was drafted in to explain the magnificence of Richard Parry-Jones' suspension set-up to enthusiasts, while blanket media bombing took care of the rest. And after years in the doldrums, Ford headed straight to the top of the class with the brilliant Mondeo. It was offered with a wide range of engine and trim options - the Zetecs were good, the V6 near-brilliant - and let's not forget that the Mondeo could also be equipped with traction control and four-wheel drive.

Ask Honest John

How much will my 1995 Ford Mondeo Ghia X be worth?

"I have a Ford Mondeo Ghia X, 1995 with a 6 cylinder, 2.5l engine. It has done about genuine 70km with new driveshafts, suspension, clutch, starter, windscreen, brake pads and cables, bumpers and badges etc. The original chrome steel wheels have been reconditioned. I have also bought spares - a complete exhaust system, windscreen and catalytic converter etc. The bodywork is very good and I am also proposing a complete respray to the original colour. The car is still on the road with current MoT. In your opinion, what can I expect to sell this in the next 3/4 years as I expect to stop driving?"
It is impossible to predict how the value of a car will change in the future, as it can be affected by numerous factors including how rare the car is, legislation, taxation and buyer demand, all of which can change very quickly. Looking online we found similar examples to yours for sale between £4000 and £5000, so we would suggest doing the same when you are ready to sell to get an idea of what the typical price is.
Answered by David Ross

Is my old Ford Mondeo worth much?

"I'm interested in finding out the value of my silver Ford Mondeo estate. It has under 47,000 miles and all original factory fittings, the only blemish is a slight crack on the side front bumper. I'm asking for help as I've had several notes placed on the windscreen asking if I wanted to sell it within the last 4 months. I own 3 other cars but I'm constantly being asked about the Mondeo. Am i missing something regarding this car? Many thanks."
Mk1 Ford Mondeos are becoming increasingly rare and collectable. There are fewer than 4000 Mondeos from the 1990s left on the road in the UK and a small percentage of these are Mk1s. It's difficult to place a value on a car I've never seen, but I've seen Ghia and GLX models fetch as much as £3000 in the classifieds. I'm sure someone at the Ford Mondeo Owners Club would be able to provide a more accurate valuation.
Answered by Dan Powell

How much is a 1994 Ford Mondeo LX automatic worth?

"How much would a 1994 Ford Mondeo LX automatic obtain if sold?"
Ultimately the value of the car is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. The value of your vehicle will depend on its mileage, condition and service history. A good example could fetch as much as £1500 (or more) while a non-runner or a project might only be worth 250 quid.
Answered by Keith Moody

How much is my Ford Mondeo Mk1 worth?

"My insurance company has asked me for the value of my car, a 1997 Ford Mondeo with 65,000 miles on the clock. I have a valid MoT and it has been serviced every year. I have no idea what to say, I suspect somewhere between a shilling and a guinea. It is in good nick and my wife uses it for her shopping trips and not much more, so it gets a regular run and works fine. It costs me a whole lot more in taxes, insurance and servicing than the thing is worth, and I have a plan in mind to wean her off the thing this coming year. In the meantime, I need to give the insurance company some idea of its value. What do you advise?"
It sounds like yours is a Mk1 Mondeo - although it's hard to know if it's pre- or post-facelift. While Mondeos are disappearing at an alarming rate, values are yet to take off (unless it's one of the high-performance models). We can never value a specific car, but we can give you a guide. Projects are about £200 while non-sport originals are roughly £600-£700. If you want a price that your insurer will accept for an agreed valuation, it's probably best to speak to one of the many Ford clubs.
Answered by Keith Moody
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