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Is there a way of establishing the name/location of previous owners of the car that I've bought?

I have bought a 1990 SAAB 900. On the V5 Doc it states that it has had 6 previous owners. I have extensive paperwork from day 1, but can only see details of three previous owners. Is there a way of establishing the name/location of previous owners?

Asked on 18 December 2017 by cheshiredolphin

Answered by Keith Moody
Did it stay within the same family but change hands? Was it used as a demonstrator at the dealership? I'm afraid there's no easy way to find out the names and addresses of previous owners. If you have some leads in the history files, then you could try writing to past keepers (there's no guarantee they're still alive, living at that address, or will reply). You could try making contact with a the Saab Owners' Club ( to see if the car is known to them or they can help.
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