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I want to buy an older car - would you recommend a 2007 Mazda MX-5 or a 1997 Honda CR-X?

I'm looking to purchase an older/classic car and looking for some advice. I'm looking at two currently: a 2007 Mazda MX-5 1.8 and a 1997 Honda CR-X 1.6. The Honda has done just over 53,000 miles, has a Full Service History and long MoT with only two small advisories (worn tyres). The Mazda has done 54k miles, again with a FSH and no advisories. Both are very clean and are around the £3200 mark. Are these fair prices? Which would be the best long term purchase?

Asked on 21 October 2019 by stuart

Answered by Keith Moody
Whichever one you like the most. Personally, we'd opt for the CRX - but you may prefer a convertible two-seater that you can use for high days and holidays. We'd never recommend buying a classic as an investment - just buy something you enjoy and want to spend money on because you will spend money on it. Just make sure you don't buy the first examples you see - get out there and try as many as possible.
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