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I want to buy an old Jaguar XJ6 or XJ8 - what do you think?

I'm considering buying either a 2007 Jaguar XJ6 with 160,000 miles or a 1998 XJ8 with 98,000 miles whilst I'm in Switzerland for 2-3 years. I'll cover approx 150 miles per day so comfort and ride enjoyment are important for me. Whilst I'm sure a Toyota something or other would be more practical, my heart is saying enjoy a Jag for once in my life. I don't want to get tied into a long term lease (pricey here) or a PCP. I'm keen to pay for a car in cash, in full, and just having running costs thereafter. I could just about put up with the XJ8's poor mpg and have worries about the potential diesel repair costs should something go wrong with the XJ6. There are also trade-offs with the mileage on the cars and their respective ages. What do you think?

Asked on 18 June 2020 by Matthew W

Answered by Dan Powell
If your heart is set on a Jaguar, I'd say go for it. But be prepared for eye-watering repair and service costs. Both of these cars will need significant work (and money) to keep on the road. A good set of all-season tyres for either of these cars will easily set you back £600.
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