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Saab 900 (1979 - 1993)

Last updated 23 September 2013

Tough mechanicals, great build quality, superb seating and interior
Hidden and structural rust now a major concern


The Saab 900 was one of the more intelligent facelifts seen within the car industry. In simple terms it was a 99, with a longer front and rear ends, new interior and additional safety equipment, It was a result of Saab's decision to evolved new models by augmenting platforms. It was no bad thing being based on the 10-year old Saab 99 - it boasted front-wheel drive, excellent handling, and a number of (then) Swedish idiosyncracies, such as heated seats, headlamp washers, and in the case of the 900, a lovely wraparound windscreen and deep passenger doors that cut into the sills.

During its life, the 900 was developed through its life to keep pace with contemporary technology – and that maintained a healthy demand. The naturally aspirated cars might have been overshadowed by the Turbo (and still are), but they are cars of deep inate quality and ability. Drivetrains of these carburetted and injected cars are considerably more durable due to being less stressed.