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How can I trace my father's old 280SL Mercedes-Benz?

In both 1983 and 1984 my father bought a 280SL Mercedes-Benz in Manchester - I do not and cannot find a registration number for either car. Mercedes-Benz cannot help in any way at all. I know that they will either have been bought in his name or in the company name. He died suddenly in 1986, having sold them, and I would love to trace them and hopefully own one. The starting point has to be a registration number, but as the company no longer exists and nobody has a photo with the reg numbers I am a bit lost - have you any ideas please?

Asked on 10 August 2010 by Stephen Whitehead

Answered by Dan Harrison
Without a registration number, you'll really struggle and you could be searching for something that doesn't exist any more. Many of the records (MoT etc) would have been pre-computerised and would have long since been destroyed. Plus there's the added complication of data protection. Have any documents connected with the car been kept at all? An invoice or MoT? That would at least give you a fighting chance of tracing the car.
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