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Would whitewall tyres cause my Renault 10 and Renault Caravelle to fail the MoT?

I am getting my Renault 10 and Renault Caravelle back on the road now that I've built a large garage/workshop. I was thinking about getting my new tyres whitewalled (, but have you any comments? Would this affect the sidewalls? Would it be an MOT failure?

Asked on 19 October 2013 by CR, Scotland

Answered by Honest John
One of my deals back in the 60s was a Renault R8 1100. Same colour as yours. Same long nose body but with round rather than oblong headlights. It had been crashed at the front and badly repaired. I got it for less than £200, re-repaired it, had it painted and donated it to my mum, who eventually wrote it off on some black ice. No reason why whitewalled tyres should fail the MoT. They're more appropriate on the Caravelle than on the R10, though.
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