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Which tyres for a classic Land Rover that covers low mileage?

I've read your advice on checking the age of tyres, which I did on my Land Rover Series 3. The tyres are Lassa 6.00-16C and date back to 2005 so presumably should be kept an eye on for signs of rubber degradation.

When the time comes to replace them, as I only drive 1000 miles per year (90% on-road) would you recommend buying a set of budget tyres with the view that because they're likely to degrade before the tread wears out, why spend too much money? Or would you say that it's worth buying a premium set because perhaps they have greater longevity and therefore suit a classic vehicle that isn't driven very much?

Asked on 19 August 2013 by cmarsh02

Answered by Honest John
I never recommend budget tyres because I can't trust them, but for your limited mileage I can't argue with your logic.
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