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Does the Gordon Keeble beat the Lotus Elan for the most classic cars still registered?

Chris Knapman's article about older cars facing extinction was most interesting. He quotes your website as stating that the Lotus Elan has top spot for survival with 38 per cent still registered. I'm sure there must be some that can beat that. There is the Gordon Keeble, circa 1963/64, of which 99 cars were built. At its 40th anniversary rally in 1964 there were 75 cars still registered, and most of them were at the event. I'm sure that most, if not all, are still on the road. At that time, with a survival rate of 75 per cent, it must surely still be very near the top of the list.

Asked on 13 July 2013 by PC, Winchester

Answered by Honest John
This is really one for Keith Adams who was responsible for compiling the data for our Classic Car section, so I have forwarded it to him. The Giugiaro designed Gordon Keeble is briefly featured in this entry: Maybe it did not feature because the original production was so small.
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