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I had an Austin A35 van with a floor made of newspaper.

In today's Telegraph you asked if readers had heard of newspaper clippings inside a car. My story involves a car made of newspaper clippings. My first vehicle was a green Austin A35 van, bought for £150 from a dealer in Leeds, where I lived. A car ran into the back of my van at the traffic lights, bending the rear offside wing out. I took it to a repair garage, which rang and asked me to call in. When I got there they showed me that the rear corner floor was made of The Daily Mirror, nicely varnished with glass fibre resin and perfectly readable. The A35 had no synchromesh on first and a dodgy gearbox so I taught myself to double de-clutch and toe-and-heel when changing gear, I passed these skills onto my sons and when my elder son, who works for a Porsche dealer uses them on test drives his older customers are amazed that a young man has such skills.

Asked on 20 April 2013 by GM,

Answered by Honest John
Yes, I once had a Riley 1.5 that was like that. Every time you closed the doors either lumps of rust or lumps of plaster dropped down on to the road. Filler was known in the trade as 'pudding' or, more colloquially as 'gob'. The entire East German Trabant was constructed in a similar way to the offside rear of your A35 van. My first proper job was driving an A35 van delivering ice cream in Scarborough. I was lucky. Mine had the 1,098cc engine. Did 80mph.
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