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My MG 1100 has cracked underneath and come away from the body. Can it be repaired?

My 1968 MG 1100 has cracked underneath and come away from the body. Can it be repaired? It is made of what looks like a hard cardboard. Could I buy a replacement? The only metal under the car is the exhaust that sits into a curved out piece from front to back. It will have a metal frame and seat plates under the cardboard but I have not taken it off completely. I hit a pot hole going over a speed bump and it ripped coming away from the body under the driverside door and has a small rip. This caused the exhaust to drop to the floor. Luckily I was going slow and stopped. I think the seat plate under the drivers seat might have dropped. I have asked about garages but no one has a clue.

Asked on 2 July 2018 by Anthony Toye

Answered by Keith Moody
If you're referring to the floor of your car, that definitely shouldn't be made of hard cardboard - it should all be metal and the seat should not be going through the floor. I think you have to err on the side of caution here and transport it to a local garage to be inspected on a ramp - any local garage can do this. The 1100 Club ( is extremely helpful, so it's worth getting in touch. They also have parts in stock, such as floorpans and sills, handy if the worst comes to the worse and the car does need welding.
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