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Where can I get parts for a Ford Puma?

I inherited my father-in-law's 1998 Ford Puma. It turned out to be very rusty throughout. Eventually, with welding and new front sub-frame, everything was fixed. However, I have noticed a hydraulic fluid leak. I tried in vain to get a replacement hydraulic pipe - steering rack to steering pump. The mechanic was able to do a temporary repair on the existing rusty pipe. However, I would like to replace it with a new pipe. Where can I get one?

Asked on 13 August 2019 by Robin Michael Hurley

Answered by Keith Moody
Parts supply can often be an issue with cars this age - too old to be looked after by the dealer but hasn't quite got the support of specialists and club members yet. That said, if you ask around you're bound to find someone with a shed full of spares. Have a look on some Ford-based forums or join one of the (many) Ford clubs. Alternatively, you could ask your local dealer if they having anything on the shelf... sometimes the part gets reused (e.g in the next generation Fiesta). Why not have a look on eBay or try suppliers like Euro Car Parts? How temporary was the repair? As long as it isn't held together by gaffer tape and hairy string it should be ok.
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