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MG 1100 and 1300 (ADO16) (1962 - 1971)

Last updated 27 November 2018

Good roadholding and ride, great steering, many parts shared with the Mini
Rust and difficult servicing
were produced
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The fabulous Austin and Morris 1100 (ADO16) may have seemed like an unlikely starting point for an MG sports saloon, but actually, but when badge engineered to wear the octagon, it worked very well indeed. But then, the starting point was absolutly perfect - the ADO16 had tenacious front-wheel-drive handling, just like a big Mini.

The well-appointed interior added to the MG 1100's appeal, thus creating a genuinely sporting saloon - or a 'warm hatch' as it would no doubt be called now. It wasn’t perfect, though – it proved difficult for mechanics to work on, and had a terrible reputation for rust, which was rightly deserved.

Survival rate is low considering the huge number produced, but those that are left are not expensive to buy, and cost peanuts to run - as long as they're half way to being rot-free.

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