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Why is my Fiat X1/9 not tax exempt?

I own a Fiat X19 which is SORN at the moment while I make repairs. The car was made in 1984 but I was told by the DVLA that since it was not registered in this country until 1989 ( it was used in Jersey for the 5 years previous) it will not be eligible for tax exemption until 2029, is this true and why? it is still a 40 year old car.

Asked on 2 April 2024 by Kevin John Reade

Answered by David Ross
The Government's website regarding tax exemption for classic vehicles states that the vehicle build date is the qualifying factor, so vehicles built before January 1st 1984 become tax exempt from 1st April 2024, so we would expect your car to be eligible for exemption in April 2025. This error may have occurred due to the information shown on the V5/C, which only shows the date of first registration rather than the date of build. We would suggest making another application to the DVLA and enclose any evidence you have for the date of manufacturer.
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