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I have just bought a 31-year-old Citroen 2CV - how much is it to tax and insure?

I have just bought a 2CV in good condition. It is 31 years old. How much is it to tax and insure? The MoT advises constant velocity boot deteriorated both front outer. Is this an expensive repair?

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Cars registered before 1 March, 2001, are split into two categories based on engines size. Your 2CV falls in the lower bracket - £160 a year or £88 for six months (prices vary for direct debit). Insurance classes are really only a guide once a car gets to classic status. Yes, desirability and security has an impact on premiums, but so does how you're planning to use it - most company's look at them as leisure vehicles that won't cover high mileages and will be cherished, and offer a lower premium. Of course, if it's your only car and you're using it for work purposes that'll be higher than someone who only takes it out a couple of times a year. As for the repair, the item itself is only a bit of rubber but replacing it can be a fiddle. You may also find that it comes as part of a set, or that other parts are recommended for replacement at the same time - as such you'll want to check with a couple of Citroen specialists and get some quotes. Or if you're handy with a set of spanners, you can do the job on your driveway. Give 2CV GB a shout - an excellent club with some very helpful members (
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