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When will my 2002 Mazda MX-5 become a classic?

When will my MX-5 become a classic. I've had had it for almost 17 years from new. Is classic insurance cheaper?

Asked on 29 July 2019 by Winifred Gifford

Answered by Keith Moody
Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast rule about when a car becomes a classic - but the Mk2 MX-5 is well on the way there. While it might not have the classic looks of the Mk1 with its pop-up headlights, the Mk2 was still a fabulous car to drive. Many specialists already regard it as an historic vehicle and will offer a classic insurance policy. Is it cheaper? Sometimes. There are a few key differences between a classic insurance policy and a regular insurance policy. First of all, a classic policy assumes that as your pride and joy a car will be used sparingly - so you may find yourself limited on mileage and required to have use of another car. The second big difference is that a classic policy allows you to have an 'agreed value' for the car as opposed to market value.
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