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Can I fit a Thatcham approved tracking system myself?

My classic car insurance company requires a Thatcham approved tracking system to be installed in my car. One of the classic car magazines did a feature on a Category S7 system (Trackstar TM470) which is Thatcham approved. I have read the manufactures sales information and the specific installation instructions which are straight forward. My question is, am I allowed to install one of these systems myself or do I have to purchase a system via a third party alarm installation specialist? My concern is that in the past I have owned various high-end cars that I have had to rectify bodged installations of radios, navs, telephone and alarm systems all done by auto electrical businesses.

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If your insurance company requires you to have a Thatcham approved tracking system installed, then the chances are they'll require that it's fitted by a Thatcham-approved installer. While there's nothing to stop you installing your own tracking device, you'll need to check wth your insurance company because a DIY job could invalidate your policy.
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