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I want to buy a UK registered car in Spain but it has no paperwork - what can I do?

I have been offered a 1982 Renault 4 GTL but it has no paperwork. The car is in Spain on UK-plates. Can I somehow get new papers for this car so I can use it in Spain? The owner lives in London and can't remember what she did as far as registration but seems to remember getting it from someone in UK then driving it to her little country villa here in Spain and it's been in the garage since. What can I do?

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You'll need to let the DVLA know that the car's been permanently exported and then start the process of registering it in Spain. So the owner will have to reapply for a V5C. I believe cars over 30 years old can apply for a 'H' (heritage) numberplate in Spain but there is a cost for this. It does include certification and an ITV test (the Spanish equivalent of our MoT).
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