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Will a Renault 11 become a future classic?

I have the chance to buy a 1985 Renault 11 TSE left-hand drive. Are there any particular problematic things to look for with this car and could it become a modern classic?

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Renault 11s do have a small following, but it's the Turbos and the TSE Electronic (with working synthetic voice trip computer) that generate the interest. TSEs were well spec'd so we'd check all the electrics work and inspect the engine general condition and flat spots. But the thing to watch out for the most is rust - check inch of every panel for tinworm.

Alasdair Worsley, editor of the Renault Owners' Club magazine, said, 'Check for rust (sills, behind the headlights and rear wings), window seals, fuel tanks and that the last owner looked after them.' He added, 'I would also try and get an original one as trying to find parts is difficult in the UK.'
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