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How can improve security on my Morgan Plus 4?

I have a 2007 Morgan Plus 4. My insurance company will not insure me when the car is left unattended with the roof down. What is the best way to improve security?

Asked on 18 February 2019 by george mailer

Answered by Keith Moody
Aside from leaving the roof up, a good quality steering lock is always a good deterrent. We spoke to classic car insurers Footman James and Lancaster Insurance. A spokesman said: 'Footman James does not have a ‘roof up’ clause on their policy, however, your insurance could be void if you have either left your vehicle unlocked, left your vehicle with the keys in the ignition, left the windows, sunroof or panel open, or if you have not taken reasonable precautions to protect your vehicle.' Meanwhile, Andrew Evanson, senior operations manager at Lancaster Insurance, comments: 'This area strikes up many a debate as to what is and what isn’t covered but ultimately it comes down to a ‘Duty of Care’. If you take your classic convertible for a drive on a sunny day and park up in a show field or pop in to the petrol station and leave the hood down, you are more likely to be covered than if you parked in a multi-storey car park for a few hours. Your insurer would expect you to take reasonable care to safeguard your vehicle and to ALWAYS lock contents in the boot whilst your vehicle is unattended. If you are in any doubt with regards to the level of cover you have, either refer to your policy booklet or ask your insurer.'
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