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What classic sports car should I buy?

I am thinking of buying a classic sports car - an MG Midget or MGB. I'm buying for investment and summer use. Which is best and are there any problems to look for on either model?

Asked on 4 July 2018 by John Bateman

Answered by Keith Moody
Both Midgets and MGBs have strong followings and excellent club support - although you won't stand out from the crowd at a classic car meet. Which one you choose, might come down to how tall you are - the Midget is, as its name suggests, smaller than the B. Later models of both are more affordable but they key thing to look out for on these cars is rust. You can find out what to look for on a B here: If you're decided as to which is best for you, try them both and see which you enjoy the most. Both are reliable if well looked after, although you will need to budget for maintenance.
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