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What security devices can be used on classic cars?

I'm looking for a security device that is also a visible deterrent to keep my classic safe whilst in public. It's a Jaguar Mk2 with a bus man's steering wheel, which rules out most steering locks. It's also an auto, which rules out the pedal box. Is there anything you can recommend that won't break the bank?

Asked on 18 June 2018 by Carl Dowdell

Answered by Keith Moody
I think Jaguar did offer a steering lock for the car as an optional extra at the time, but the chances of finding one are slim. You might be able to pick up some ideas from our top ten classic car anti-theft devices ( - points of interest include fitting a hidden 'kill switch' and forensic marking. A tracking device is also a good idea, and there are plenty of options available now.
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