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What has happened to the steering lock on my Morgan 4/4?

The steering lock of my Morgan 4/4 has never been brilliant but it is now almost non-existent on right hand lock. On left hand lock it is good. Can you tell me what has gone wrong?

Asked on 11 July 2011 by JP, Nottingham

Answered by Honest John
Check the sliding pillar front suspension and particularly the oil supply to it. This comes from the engine, but if the wrong engine oil is used it can seize up. More here:

“Lubrication to the central area of the sliding pillar front suspension is provided by pressurised engine oil through a manual switch. Synthetic engine oil is not an ideal pillar lubricant, plus owners over enthusiastic use tends to blow grease out of the top and bottom grease points. One option is to replace the pillar/king pins with Hard Chrome king pins, remove the pressurised lubrication system and replace it with an oil nipple (Occasional shot of 140 or 90 EP oil).”
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