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MGB - MGB (Modified) way down on power

Got a ‘68 MGB that I bought with a 1950 Oselli engine that has been dry stored for a few years. I’m struggling to get it running well. It has been extensively recommissioned with a new stage 2 head, Weber, and 123 distributor. Sent it in to be set up on the rolling road and is way down on power - 65hp at flywheel. Compression is very good. Carb has been rejetted. It was in the rolling road a few years back before it was put into storage and was showing 101hp at flywheel on twin SUs and standard head. We’ve been through most obvious things. Could for some reason the cam be a tooth out (can’t think how or why…). Anyone any other thoughts? No garage locally seems to be up for going through timing!

Asked on 10 November 2022 by John Sartre

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3 answers

skidpan    on 12 November 2022

Plenty of specialists out there for old MG's. Perhaps a call to the MG owners club will help identify a reputable one close to you.

ROGER FURNEAUX    on 26 November 2022

It could be any number of things, but if you recently had it back on a rolling road, they should have been able to diagnose anything wrong , especially the ignition. Otherwise, check the fuel feed (pump, any filters).

Then go on a specialist forum: is very good, it's based in the USA but has members worldwide, including myself!

skidpan    on 1 December 2022

Having noticed the tags which relate to cam belts and after re-reading the original [post I spotted

"Could for some reason the cam be a tooth out (can’t think how or why…). Anyone any other thoughts? No garage locally seems to be up for going through timing!"

which further makes me thing the OP might be assuming the car has a cam belt. It doesn't, it has a chain. If that had been fitted a link out (not a tooth on a chain) the engine would not be down on power, it would barely run. Refitting the head on a pushrod engine would not alter the timing so this is just a re herring.

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