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Jaguar XJ - XJ40/X300

Dear John/Anyone else,

I'm a former owner XJ40's & it is true that they drive, as the header of the article suggests, beautifully, even bad examples. Mine were all good ones.

Is this not the case with the X300? I was hoping they give the same experience as the XJ40. Surely, like for like 4.0's will deliver the same waft, or is this just taken for granted on the review of the X300?

I sold my lot to upgrade for a change & rid myself of the fragilities of the XJ40, doors not locking, key fob working when it felt like it, internal headlight rust, rear lights packing up etc etc. Despite these annotances, they all drove fab & never let me down.

Is the X300 a better car or not?

Asked on 18 June 2016 by padova

Tags: buying a used car reliability emissions legal and consumer advice cambelt

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