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My MoT expires four days before the 40 year exemption begins - what do I do?

The MoT on my 1963 classic expires on 16 May 2018. Apparently the new rules come into force on May 20th. Does this mean that I'll have to have to have an MoT for the sake of four days? I'll certainly get her checked anyway at some stage. What would happen if I waited until after 20 May to renew my (free) tax?

Asked on 27 February 2018 by John Bellwood

Answered by Keith Moody
If you're planning to get your car checked, why not continue with the annual MoT? Even if you're fairly handy with a set of spanners, we'd always prefer someone to double check our work. Plus, it's peace of mind for you - and any potential buyer if you're looking to sell. Currently, you need an MoT to legally drive your vehicle on the road - but you also need it to tax your vehicle. We're expecting the new MoT exemption system will have a few kinks that need ironing out, so we can't predict what will happen when the system changes - but an MoT exemption has already been in place for older cars so you should be able to renew your historic tax without too much trouble. Remember though, it's a condition of your insurance policy that you keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition - if you need to make and a claim and it's decided that you didn't keep the car's condition at a satisfactory level, your insurance could be invalidated.
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