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I keep getting MoT reminders for my historic car - is the MoT now optional?

My Volkswagen T2 has become an historic vehicle and is registered as such on the V5C. Because I was/am registered for MoT reminders from DVLA I have been sent a reminder for the MoT, due this month. It is my understanding that as this vehicle complies with the requirement of 'no substantial alterations' that the MoT is now optional at that if no MoT is carried out it will be sufficient to declare the vehicle 'compliant' when the annual vehicle tax (now free of charge) is due. Is this correct?

Asked on 13 July 2018 by Mr A V J Bailey

Answered by Keith Moody
That is correct. Next time you tax the vehicle, you'll be asked to confirm that it is MoT exempt. Remember, though, that your insurance is only valid if your vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition. Having an MoT test is a good way of doing that. Otherwise, the onus will be on you to prove the vehicle was roadworthy should you need to make a claim.
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