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Morris Reviews

Bicycle manufacturer William Morris started building cars in 1913, with his Oxford and Cowley becoming the UK's best-selling cars of the 1920s, and the Eight repeating the same trick the next decade. In 1948 Morris launched one of the enduring British greats, the Minor, which would continue until 1971.

As part of the Nuffield Group, Morris became a major part of BMC in 1952, although many vehicles that carried its badging also shared bodies and mechanics with other BMC members. Under British Leyland from 1968, Morris’s main model was the Marina which evolved into the Ital in 1981, three years before Morris was discontinued as a marque.

Good: There's a Minor to suit all budgets, good to drive, brilliant parts and specialist back-up, A-series powered ones are easily tuned to stay up with modern traffic, classic flatulent exhaust note
Bad: If you like your classics rare, you might want to look elsewhere
Good: Smooth straight-six
Bad: Weird styling, rarity makes finding parts difficult
Good: Looks like a Minor
Bad: Doesn't really drive like one
Good: B-Series power, which means plenty of tuning potential, lots of parts shared with the Austin Cambridge A40-A55
Bad: Despite new 'chassisless' BMC design, cumbersome and slow to drive - in standard form
Good: Straight-six C-Series shared with the Austin Healey
Bad: Not the most inspiring Morris to drive
Good: Cheap to run, a good solid starter classic with great parts availability
Bad: Stodgy to drive, and rust is a major issue
Good: Great steering and handling, neat styling, and a near-modern driving experience
Bad: Not the nicest car to work on, and it does suffer from rust in a big way
Good: Fun handling and nice steering, exceptionally roomy and easy to see out of
Bad: Awful gearchange, questionable switchgear, low values make restoration a matter of the heart
Good: Lots of parts commonality with other BMC and BL cars, good performance in 1.8TC form, simple and easy to work on.
Bad: Rust, handling isn't as good as it should be (and not as bad as everyone thinks)
Good: It's a Princess - so that means a smooth ride, loads of room and effortless cruising
Bad: Terrible build quality, so very few of them left now
Good: Based on the Marina, so parts supplies are reasonably good
Bad: Completely outclassed by its rivals of the time - but less of an issue now