Morris Six (1948 – 1953) Review

Morris Six (1948 – 1953) At A Glance


+Smooth straight-six

-Weird styling, rarity makes finding parts difficult

The first new large post-War Morris was an intriguing car. It combined the beetle-like styling of the Issigonis Minor and Oxford MO with a long bonnet and upright grille that might have tied it in with pre-war Morris cars, but ended up making it look out of sorts.

The straight-six engine that powered the flagship Morris was a gem, though, and gave the car a decent turn of speed as well as impressive refinement. The Six used the MO’s body from the screen back, but with different front door pressings and a 13in longer wheelbase.

Sadly, the overall roadholding was let down by Morris Motors' decision not to use the Minor and Oxford's rack-and-pinion steering.