Audi 80CD and 80 quattro (1981 – 1986) Review

Audi 80CD and 80 quattro (1981 – 1986) At A Glance


+Five-cylinder 80CD makes a great noise; earlier 2.2-litre quattro version a genuine sports saloon phenomenon, the later four-cylinder car surprisingly economical

-Parts availability is dreadful, driving position spoiled by offset steering wheel, pre-facelift car's dashboard plasticky

The five-cylinder Audi 80CD was launched in 1981, and was designed to take the company's entry-level range further upmarket. It benefited from the fitment of the Audi Coupe's 1921cc 115bhp carburetted power unit, but also received a raft of small visual modifications to set it apart from the vanilla 80s - the most obvious being the prominent chin spoiler that also first appeared on the Coupe. Interior was also upgraded from the former range topping GLE by the fitment of new velour upholstery, a quattro steering wheel and sprinklings of chrome.

In 1983, the 80CD's engine was upgraded to 1994cc and fuel injection, but with no increase in power. It was a smoother, more refined drive, adding a little additional sophistication into the mix. At the same time, the impressive new four-wheel drive 80 quattro was unveiled. It was powered by the 2.2-litre five-cylinder engine from the 100/200 for a boost in power to 136bhp. The Audi 80 range was further facelifted in 1984 to incorporate smoother styling and a posher interior, but these two models were treated to a bodykit, and other visual modifications to become the 90CD and 90 quattro. A 1.8-litre Sport engined 80 quattro was added to the range at the same time. Getting sought after now, and values are on the up.