Audi 100 (1976 – 1984) Review

Audi 100 (1976 – 1984) At A Glance


+Like its predecessor a very efficient car, some character injected with the arrival of the five-cylinder engine in 1977

-Not exactly exciting in entry-level trim, and on the endangered list in the UK

When launched, the Audi 100 C2 was a neat, and typically Germanic large saloon. Airy cabin, nice ergonomics and neat road manners marked it out as a very competent steer. And it was powered by the closest relative to Porsche's 924 'van' engine.

However, the arrival of its inline five-cylinder engine in 1978 added some much needed charisma, and a fine soundtrack. The throbby power unit lacked the smoothness of its rivals’ sixes, but it was economical and pushed the injection versions to almost 120mph. The 100 has aged well, even in utilitarian Avant form, and it proved to be an effective basis for the more glamorous models that followed. Audi claimed it was ‘as economical as a four, as smooth as a six’. Perhaps it was, but BMW and Mercedes-Benz buyers were unconvinced.