Audi 80 (1978 – 1986) Review

Audi 80 (1978 – 1986) At A Glance


+Golf GTI-engined 80 Sport is good fun, cooking versions are light, efficient and economical, large boot, well-made and reliable

-Parts availability is dreadful, off-set pedals

The Audi 80 B2 was an comprehensive facelift of the original, which saw the German company's entry-level car begin to grow-up. When it came to facelift the 80, it was up to Giugiaro to make it look like a more substantial car. He did such a good job that it became almost impossible for most people to tell it apart from the 100. Lengthier than the class norm thanks to its longitudinal engine, the Audi 80 was a light and efficient package, powered by VAG's groundbreaking EA827 engine, initially in carburetted 1.3- and 1.6-litre forms.

Tidy dynamics and eager performance were the 80′s hallmarks, but high prices in the UK were always a handicap. Shame because when it was fitted with a 1.6-litre fuel injected engine - the 80GLE - it was transformed into a genuinely quick sporting saloon. Volkswagen power units were shared with the Golf and Passat, but very little else was – a lesson on how not to platform share. Facelifted in 1984 for the final two years of production. It received a new dashboard, more efficient engines, grille and headlamps, and reprofiled boot - and saw the introduction of the new 90 range. Hihghlight was the 1.8-litre Volkswagen Golf GTI-engined 80 Sport,