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Alvis Reviews

The Alvis name was founded in 1919, and reputedly came from a design of piston: ‘al’ from ‘aluminium’ and ‘vis’ meaning ‘strong’ in Latin. The 12/50 and 12/60 models were notable early designs and it was also a pioneer of front-wheel-drive during the 1920s. Alvis built a range of imposing and progressive sports models during the 1930s, but adopted a one-model policy after the war. In 1955, Swiss firm Graber penned a new and very handsome body and the TC108G, TD21 , TE21 and TF21 that followed were noted for their arresting appearance, especially the final stacked-headlamp cars. Competitor Rover took over the firm in 1965 and, from 1967, Alvis was confined to making military machines.

Good: Pre-war roots mean rod-operated brakes and cart springs
Bad: High quality construction, a choice of coachbuilt dropheads
Good: Refined engine, excellent high-quality, dignified saloons and convertibles, great handling, excellent specialist support
Bad: Always seems like it could handle more power
Good: Lovely Alvis engine and chassis, rare as hen's teeth
Bad: Strange styling
Good: Rapid and elegant, beautiful coachbuilt versions, great specialist support
Bad: Brakes aren't up to the performance
Good: Elegant styling, roomy inside and out, the definitive Alvis
Bad: Thirsty
Good: Stack headlights, performance from the 150bhp version
Bad: End of the line until revived by continuation series in 2019.